Nashville Tourism —

Agency: VMLY&R
Role: Art Direction, User Experience, Interaction design

Overview is the official website for Nashville, Tennessee. The site features a mix of inspirational, authentic content as well as booking and planning tools. As the art director on the VMLY&R team, I designed the web experience and was involved in the project from initial concepting to deployment.

Toolset: Zeplin, Invision, Sketch, Abstract, Drupal8, AfterEffects

How does one destination marketing site stand out from the masses?

We're living in a world with more options than ever. Vacation planning is no exception. Google, YouTube, influencers, magazines, television, and TripAdvisor provide a staggering amount of content, allowing for each traveler to piece together their own personalized, market-of-one experience. Why all the planning? Travelers want to know they’re getting the most out of every moment and dollar spent.

before the redesign (left) and after (right)

Authenticity through design

It was our job to provide an authentic, brand-driven view of Nashville through content by placing the spotlight on Nashville’s sounds and music. Every visitor should be excited to visit Nashville and look to local authority experts to figure out how to spend their time in the city. eliminated the user’s decision paradox by providing content that is personal, intuitive and responsive, while delivering and encouraging a clear path down the funnel to planning and booking information. By using SEO best practices baked into design, the site is able to outperform competitors.

Creating a Visual Language

Drawing inspiration from both musical elements and Nashville's vibrant nightlife we created a look that is authentic and own-able. The mono-line approach to icons and actionable elements evoke the lines on a sheet of music and the strings of a guitar. Our carefully considered palette mixes dark hues with pops of bright accent color to embody the energy and vibe of a live show.

Navigation and Architecture

One of the main goals of the redesign was to improve the information architecture and visual navigation. From our research, we knew that most people were searching for something specific and it would be our role to get them there quickly. We bucketed the site into 3 main sections- Explore Nashville, Things to Do, and Plan a Trip. Once a visitor landed on an article, they would be cross referenced to another article, event, or neighborhood to explore. Doing this increased engagement while giving users a sense of where they are both on the site and in the city.

Additionally, we took the information for meeting planners and PR media and but them onto subsections at the top of the navigation.

SEO driven design

To make sure that our site would maintain relevancy in search engine results, we used a variety of visual components and specific content to answer the questions that we know people are asking.

Made by me with Webflow, 2019